The Girls’ Persist program has been beneficial to my daughters as it allowed them to develop and practice leadership skills. The program role model real life situations and encouraged them to problem solve, be quick on their feet, and respond to challenges accordingly, it also gave them confidence to speak in public and take on leadership roles in and outside of school.”

Samuel, J., (2021)

I believe that the 2023 summer camp was able to effectively strike a perfect balance between mathematics and engagement. Math can often be a subject that many of us feel is boring, unengaging, and even uncomfortable. Our society’s view on mathematics as difficult, complex, and overwhelmingly dull prevents many of us from reaching our full potential within math, simply because of that psychological block. In a meager 5 days, the camp was able to reduce that mental block and make math fun and engaging, by allowing girls to teach their peers, create new ways of solving math problems, and to discover how they learn best. Due to being able to give each girl a new perspective on math, including me, I strongly believe that the 2023 summer camp was the most influential camp that Lady Trailblazer has ever facilitated, simply because of the enormous differences it will have made in the academic lives and endeavors of these girls! 

Mishika, B., (2023) Student Co-Facilitator

Girls’ Persist boosted my confidence for sure.

Evika, B., (2023)

Loved this camp!

Naomi, S., (2023)

I enjoyef this camp and what I learned throuugh it.

Ruby, P., (2023)